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"It's so much fun and genious that when you solve one of the puzzles you feel like Sherlock Holmes 😂❤️"

"Amazing! Solved it together with my husband in one sitting! Definitely can recommend it!"

Our Puzzle Magazines

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Cluehound Mysteries

We create captivating puzzle magazines that immerse you in cozy murder mysteries. Dive into gripping tales by solving puzzles, riddles, and ciphers—a portable Escape Room experience.

Magazine Highlights:

  • 13-15 engaging challenges, riddles and ciphers of varying difficulty
  • Thrilling murder mystery with beautiful illustrations
  • 2-4 hours of mystery solving
  • Help when needed with hints and solutions

Perfect for:

  • All ages 12+
  • Quality time with friends or solo adventures
  • Fans of mysteries, escape rooms, whodunits, and puzzles
  • A unique gift!

Make it special:

  • A unique gift for someone who loves cozy mysteries.

About us

We are Cluehound, a small Finnish publisher operating under the private company Ad Artis Oy. We blend our passion for escape rooms and whodunits into an easily accessible format. Enjoy the thrill our magazines provide!

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